Richard Clarke Photography | Portraits

I love to capture the love and enjoyment in my family portrait work, a simple look between a couple, brothers and sisters embracing, a cheeky smile from a baby. These are the moments we treasure forever, the things that make a portrait priceless. Choosing where to take a portrait , to me, is of equal importance, I like to capture my clients in places that mean something to them. It could be at home or in the garden or out at a location that has special memories. If you prefer you can have your session in the studio, it's your choice. Where ever you decide it is my passion to give you a set of portraits that will be cherished for ever.


Before I shoot any session we arrange a pre session consultation so we can meet up to plan your session. At this time we will plan where we are going to shoot your portraits, who is going to be in them and talk about clothing and prepare you so your portraits will be absolutely every thing you could possibly want them to be.

We allow between 1-2 hours for each session to give everyone plenty of time to relax and enjoy the shoot, I find it is when everyone relaxes and has a good time we get to shoot the best stuff. And we really do make sure that everyone really enjoys the session. Adding personal items to the shoot really helps, and children love being photographed with their favourite things.


After your session I will edit your images to create some beautiful pieces of art for you. We will arrange for you to view these in your very own cinematic style viewing where your portraits will be displayed for you to choose from. We have a small but selective range of stunning products that include beautifully framed images, canvases, modern block designs and albums and digital images, all designed  to compliment your images.


A session at either your home, a location of your choice* or at the studio costs £99

and includes one 8"x 6" portrait in a presentation mount.

To book please either call me on 0845 0044244 or drop me an email at: